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Hey there…

So Ibiza 2015 has been going smoothly. My convertible golf has been the highlight.. a lot of time spent driving all over the island to brides getting ready then the venues, which all vary and always somewhere quite remote, or the opposite, I did one in Playa d bossa yesterday.

The HEAT is intense, it’s now reached it’s peak.. finding a nice dress for weddings that’s also comfortable and de sweats you is tricky, ha. Some how I got petrol all over my dress yesterday on the way to the wedding. resulting in huge oily patch yayyy.

I just bought a go pro which is really delightful,  I keep saying must film more stuff.. so it has inspired me to post more about what I do here… as I guess it’s quite interesting.. photographing 30 weddings in 3 months is quite a thing! But also ibiza the island itself has so many different sides people don’t see.. so planning on taking go pro everywhere make a cliche film maybe .. 😉

Been trying to do different activities here..  see the island, I don’t actually go out much in terms of clubs etc it’s more of a chilled affair for me… I did a horse ride.. conquered the fear my granny didn’t help with back in the day.. crying through out lesson when about 7 years old, forcing me to go through with it. After seeing a girl getting bucked off and screaming.. ha.. SO I went on a very chilled trial ride and got past fear, horses are special I think.


I am off to photograph a couple today a short wedding for me 3 hours there at Elixir.. very popular wedding venue here..

But before that.. I’m off to a mindfuless class been trying to get some more mindfull thoughts going.. even though I must say I do wake up feeling pretttyyy lucky everyday to be working in such a beaut part of the world. not to be annoying 😉

I am back in London though in August to shoot weddings but also take the risk not do the whole summer here and really pursue my other burning passion.. acting.




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