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Video Bloggers are becoming a huge new wave. I feel like I have sort of missed the boat because of my age, it seems to be a popular thing amongst the more youthful/ teen. Watching girls / guys experience things and sharing it for all. I recently photographed a few ladies who did this for a living. Starting off small and gaining soo many followers on youtube, that now they get offered all sorts of things from brands and advertising companies. An interesting career choice, however they all said it was something they never knew could even happen, and they did not mean for it to be a career. I was behind the scenes photographing them for their social media needs. It’s all launching in the New year so I can’t display too much. Photos up in a few months. I just found it interesting, the thought of sharing your life with all, I would worry what to say.. or look back at it all after a few months and be like oh my goshh I cannot believe I said that delete DELETE. So I give it to them.. quite brave.



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